Babyknight about the new Team

Babyknight steps in to a new role in the newly formed team  together with Synderen and the 3 Swedes Akke, EGM and Xcalibur. I had to ask him about this, so i did a small interview with him.

First off Baby, what happened to C9? 
”I didn’t believe in the team anymore, C9. I had just kept going and going and trying but it just kept going downhill.There weren’t enough potential on certain players in my opinion, at least it didn’t feel like it. I didn’t wanna ”give up” too early but I think it was the right time.Ace had the same thoughts, but changed his mind a bit after this new patch came out since he feels like it suits him and Ryze better when they play together”

Baby you had a pause, fairly long one from Dota. What made you come back?

”Came back mostly cause Blizzard fucked up SC2. :(. But also because I missed the team aspect and I was lonely. Happy I returned though, turns out DotA 2 was done right by Valve.”

After seeing the lineup i expected you to go mid and Xcalibur to go easylane, what is the reasoning behind this decision? Is this about what you want or what the team want?
”Xcalibur mid and me safe is what Synderen want mostly. I’m okay with it though. Just gotta practice safelane a lot”

What are your expectations for this team?
”For this team I have no idea. Trying to keep an open mind. I think it could be great and I think it could be not so great. I don’t think it’ll fail completely though. Will try to learn a lot and do my best and we’ll see where it leads us. 🙂 I think any goal is realistic at this point, I just simply don’t know how we’ll do. I know that this team has a HUGE amount of potential though. Just excited mostly! :)”

Last question, we all have the biggest respect towards Synderen. But does it not feel like a gamble to see him on position 3?
”That’s such a provocative question! ;D I’m sure he’ll do fine”

Drays thoughts:

18644575_10154359207766721_456745748_nI have to say when i saw the lineup of Crescendo i was really happy. Akke and EGM is a really powerful supportduo, and even if they havent played together for a while now i bet they soon get their stuff together and perform well. I’m not fully satisfyed with Babyknight as the farmer and Xcalibur as the midder. Not because they are not performing well enough at their lanes, these guys are good, but i feel like it should be the other way around. The big questionmark for this lineup is still Synderen for me, not as the captain or the drafter but as position 3. I am thrilled to see where this can land, i do believe the current state of offlane or position 3 is what synderen once upon a time made his name with, the fighting but still getting some items. I belive Synderen many times has been missunderstood as both player and captain, and i do feel it as if he was forced into a role he didnt really wanna play when he did the pos 5 for a while. So i say this will work, its gonna be great even!

EGM also as we all know have alot more to give then what he did in Alliance. Hopefully he finds the spirit and joy of that in this newly formed team. Would lie if i didnt say i look forward to see Akke aswell, i do! When it comes to Xcalibur, i have since a long time always felt like hes better then hes team makes him, with the exception for fnatic when he played for them. Hes a brilliant mind, and hes both quick and plays really well. Would be cool to see him find a really great shape in this team.
This is now the team with most players that i have been playing together with before. Akke, Synderen and Babyknight. Obvious new favorite team? We’ll see…