Thoughts after ESL Summer, and some good news.

First off this was the second time i have worked with production, and its really a blast. I had a great team around me that are so good at what they do, so i felt really safe during the event 🙂 We had much less time now for each and every piece, it was a huge difference between this and doing the DPC, but i really enjoyed both.

As for the teams, i would like to first point out Viking that really showed their potential this events. I mean sure you can make the argument that some of the teams they played against maybe felt burned out, or wasnt fully focused. But i dont think that explains the whole story. I really think Viking is getting to a great level. It might not be enough to reach ti this year, but i look forward to seeing them in this qualifyer.

Obviously both T1 and VP looked good. But they reached the finals so there is not much more to say about them. I’m still worried that the covid-era has created teams that are better online. Like what it was back when i was playing, some teams were just more used to online playing. And this factor cant be underrated. I hope this is not the case with either of the teams, but i think VP might be in that position. I remember playing events before i quit, and i was really bad online, but due to having control of my nerves and stuff i still performed decent on lans. You cant underrate how important it is to be good at LANS, and i dont think any team does that either. But due to Covid different things happened and, yeah we’ll have to see how it goes for VP on TI.

When it comes to Alliance this might also be a factor. I doubt that all players, or even any of the players really have you issues on LAN. But as a team they might have, i hope they get passed that before ti. It truly feels like if someone can help that team its s4, with a huge huge backpack filled with experience, and i feel like more of the players have leveled up lately. For example Handsken was really performing superwell during this event.

When it comes to some of the other teams that you might claim performed poorly, or atleast under their normal standard like Nigma, OG and Secret. I think this has been a long spring for them with DPC and i really think they are tired. Sure OG have a new player and they might have some things to work with aswell, but i dont think one tournament like this can tell the story of a whole teams current status.

When it comes to DPC points, Secret reached the TI really early, and i cant blame them for not going all in to win after that. The story is different for Nigma and OG tho, and i cant wait to actually do a comeback commentating the ti10 qualifiers. It will be in Swedish ofcourse, and Truls is coming here to help me out. I hope that my old viewers are coming back to watch that event with us, and i’ve invited both Ted and Mats to help us out aswell. Gonna be a blast, and more information regarding that is coming!

Anyway, i feel so blessed meeting up with these players, and i really feel like my insight in the game is back to where it needs to be to be able to be a good commentator. I learned alot of things and hopefully i can translate this knew knowledge into qualitycontent for the Swedish viewers during the qualifiers 7-10 july.