I’m looking back, more then 10 years of competetive gaming in my life. I played some, casted some more, and i have been around. Some days it feels like i just eat, breath and live Dota. And sometimes i even forget what got me started in the first place. Thats why its amazing to realise that the best team in the world is Virtus Pro. I mean honestly.
How many times have we not seen teams consisting of ”random popular players” with alot of fans trying to reach the top. Or teams that just play perfect, almost lightofheavenly dota, where not making misstakes is the key in their strategy. Teams that doesnt dare to take highground since it might put them in a risky situation. Teams that takes no risks in neither drafts or play. Who cant finish games with over 30K gold lead.

Then there is VP. Sometimes you might think they drafted abit slow, or after a few minutes in the laneplay they seem to be abit off. But then something happens on the map, it might be a TP in, or a movement from on of the supports, and all of a sudden there is full blown chaos going on. Mind you its controlled chaos tho, you see rodjer surviving with his tusk with 50hp left, but instead of fleeing hes on his way in again. He needs one more hit to die, but when the enemy hero is about to finish him, Noone shows up with maybe 110 hp, and makes sure to both rescue Rodjer and himself. In a different part of the fight pasha have made sure to get a couple of kills for himself and Ramzes with a new-swapped-full-hp terrorblade is the only thing looking even remotely under control. But all enemies are dead, and its even hard to follow the fights with 10 years of experience from the game. Actually i even have more. You say things like ”wow thats lucky” or ”so damn close” but if you watch the actual fight again, with lower speed, and see what really is going on its russian perfection.
They have taken the crazyness of players like vigoss, they have made reality of what NS once upon a time thought was possible. They are the russian bear that many of us feared so much. Back in the old days you could bait them into the towers like angry dogs, but not anymore. And even if there was some unstable gaming during one of the games in the finals, they just brought it together when it was needed, got 3 kills and finished roshan and the game was all over from there on.

I’ve always respected what people might call ”Russian” Dota. When i say that i always mean something rare and nice. Something worth watching. Sure they might have lost that game versus optic due to abit overagression. But they won two majors, and they most definently my heart.

Thanks VP