It’s time for me to talk about this matter, evenso i dont like it at all, but i need to tell my view on it because the discussions on forums and on different sites are so getting wierd and even out of control.
This text will be made without any spellchecking, i simply dont have energy enough to do anything about it. Im born Swedish, so you will find some errors.

I will divide it into two different approaches, one beeing that you might be right and girls use their body to get viewers to their stream, the other that you might not be right. Lets start with the second.

Landing viewers to ur stream comes down to 3 stages, it looks like this

1. Create an interest for the viewer  – make them start the stream
2. Maintain this interest for the viewer – Making people ”follow” the stream
3. Make the viewer wanna come back – Actually providing content where people want to have it again. They are viewers that will come back if they have time.

This is the same for every single streamer out there, there is nothing special about it. Thats just how it works. We need this figure when we go further into this discussion.
Saying boobstreamers actually is something, then they will have a great upperhand in the first two blocks of this scenario. Without a doubt. This taking into consideration that the average twitchviewer still is a boy, and that boys like girls. This is not so hard to understand, its easy to create an interest like that. Kindof what different pages online tries all the time – ”Check this out” ”You will not believe what happens next” and stuff like that. These pages makes money on ur click. A streamer doesnt. So it wont make them successfull streamers even if they had this strategy. They might increase their chances by making people curious in the first place, but this is nothing you need boobs to do. You might just need some creative ideas. I’ve seen many approaches to this, and boobs is not the best one, there is tons of other ways to attract clicks towards ur stream. But maintaning viewers is whole different scenario, and regardless of what kind of clickbait you had, you wont manage to keep one single viewer unless you are entertaining. Thats what twitch is about, or any streamingservice. And some people benefit from beeing outgoing, cute, even handsome, in this matter. Its not a girlthing tho, same goes for boys. But in the end its about ur twitchproduct, and if someone is maintaining good viewership they are good. You can just leave it at that.

That was with saying there is boobstreamers.
Here comes another thought.

If a girl is choosing to make a stream, shes extremely fast judged. Some people think that they should know that and take action towards not getting judged, with lets say covering up abit, to show people that they are NOT ”boobstreamers”. Apparently it doesnt matter what kind of clothes these people wear normally, they have to do this because otherwise they are ”free to be judged” according to many of you people. This is the same type of argument that is found in racism aswell. Like a muslim needs to take actions so he doesnt seem like hes an ISIS person, he needs to be extra careful to make sure noone thinks hes very religious. Why? Because otherwise he has lost his right as a person to claim same rights as everyone else. ”Well, you can never be too sure” No thats true. Thats why an idea would be to judge everyone the same, especially when it comes down to something as simple as how people dress. Its a basic. You will find actual prostitutes wearing both suits and short dresses, you will find suicidebombers having a full beard, and also not even having a beard. We create simple ideas in simple minds, and then on top of that we judge people based on these ideas.

People keep asking me why we dont just ban the pictures with girls that dresses in a certain way, since it only causes drama and it would be easier. I agree, it would be hell more easy to just get rid of the girls, and let the haters decide. But it would also be wrong. And no, it doesnt matter if we are 1000 people thinking its wrong. What it comes down to is simple rules.

1. Dont judge people by their looks
2. Dont judge people by their clothes
3. (For advanced users) Dont judge people.

Its simple as that, and in twitch.tv streamers (The facebook group where i’m admin) we use the rules from twitch. What they allow, we allow. And honestly, its abit scary to see some of the arguments around this. Some people think that the girls are ”themselves to blame” for getting hate, since they decided to dress like they did. This is the same type of argumentation that we saw regarding rape in india, and also hearing judges and police use on rapevictims all over the world. The woman can never be responsible for other peoples actions. Thats on the other people. And sure, you might not agree on how some people dresses, on how some people talk or how they play. You have the right to not agree, you also have the right to judge these people both 3 and 4 times in ur head. But when you are creating hatered in threads or online with that opinion, you are crossing the line. And its no longer fine.
”Wow, comparing to rape”
The action is not the same. But the thoughtprocess is. You think you are allowed to (with words) make someone feel bad for how they dress. Im sorry, but it is the same.

I have checked out alot of streams, i actually check out new streams every day. I watch vods aswell, because i need to become a better streamer. I need to adapt and to make new fun things happen. Alot of the time i end up in one of those girls streams, when i say those girls, its girls where i have moderated alot of stupid boys saying everything from ”whore” to ”go get dressed”. And you know what i found? Really smart streamers, with great ideas for how to make viewers interested in subscribing. Few of my ideas has started somewhere along the way when i watched other streams, not all, but some. And many of these streams have been the girls that you think are boobystreamers. And many of you guys who i also have checked out, you guys who whine and talk about girls getting the better of twitch. You are not that good. You dont know how to attract the viewers in the first place, you could blame that on not having boobs i guess, but then you have no idea how to keep a viewer either. You are antisocial, not fun to watch, and ur not good at the game to an extraordinary level so i want to watch it anyway. Thats the harsh truth.

To sum this up; Even if you believe someone is a boobystreamer, they will not in any way be able to maintain and have a successful stream only from the matter that they are considered sexy. And even if you could argue this is not fair, whats really not fair is to judge someone from how they dress or how they look. This is afterall 2017, and twitch is the modern world.

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