Opportunity makes the thief

So i’ve been thinking abit about chats, i’ve done that for a long time to be completely honest but i realised that valve might have a part of the answer i have been looking for.

In Counterstrike there is still tons of cheaters, but something that really makes it alot less is if you use the prime-setting for your party. Prime means you only play versus persons who have their cellphonenumber connected to the account. Hence its not as easy to just cheat, get banned and cheat again. And im thinking about twitch, youtube, other social medias and how we could use this.

It might be unfair to make it a must for everyone, but what about giving an extra option for my twitchchat, and others ofcourse, that you only recieve chatmessages from people who have identifyed themselves with their cellphone? See some people really will behave shit if there is no risk for them to get in trouble for it, or to take responsibility for it. And i actually believe the old idiom ”Opportunity makes the thief” is viable to use in this matter aswell. The guy that harassed my son was’nt a typical stupid person with no future, it was just a normal guy who was given the oppurtunity to do something without getting any consequenses for it, and he did. But i can guarantee this guy never would have done it if he had used his real name. See the point is not to show off this phonenumber for anyone else but their own account. But then i can ban someone and be sure this person (i do mean guy, but lets say sometimes there is a girl aswell) will not come back as easy. Sure phonenumbers you can get more of – but it is definently not as easy as just making new twitchaccounts.

I’ve seen a big difference btw if you use the option ”Only people with verified emails can chat” or whatever its called. However today making a gmail or hotmail is way to easy, and you might already have a few from the beginning.

I think, sincerely, that a step towards a better community, with less threats and with people who are more mannered would be giving every user the option to choose wether they want a chat for everyone, for everyone with their email working, or for everyone with email and cellphone working.

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