The ”Dota3” Panic

We have all seen it, we might have experience it as well. The panic over the fact that Dota2 has changed again. The wind of change is always filled with anxiety. And its easy to focus on the bad parts – or even the unfinished.


Anyway, Dota 7.0 is here. Me personally hate new versions, not only do i need to put myself into learning everything about it, but i also need to understand it from a casters point of view. I should know the things before they even has happened, and yeah, im really a person that likes to do things the way im used to. So its a big thing for me aswell, but thats not why im writing this. I have to admit im abit tired of all the negativity. So here it goes.

Icefrog has been around a long time. Really a long time. He has made changes that made me pissed, frustrated and sometimes even thinking about not playing the damn game anymore. Both as a normal casual player, pro, and as a caster. But something that i learned along the way is that this guy really loves Dota2, and he knows what hes doing. No reason to get to fired up regarding changes, since if there is anything that needs to be changed in this version to make it work – then IceFrog will solve it. New heroes always are abit too strong, we have seen this with EarthSpirit, we have seen it with ArcWarden. This might be a way of making sure people really plays the hero – it might be a strategy in that sense – but when they are ready to get into captains mode they are far from imbalanced anymore. You have to agree on that.
The Hudchange is pissing people off too, and for myself it is a really big change aswell, but i do believe its an improvement overall. Some things might need to change, to make it abit more like before, but the general change is still great in my opinion. Even if im not a big fan of the alt-clicking, again its still nothing we cant learn over time. After a few games actually i believe its decent, and im pretty sure that after a few games more its gonna be great.

Mapchange; well i’ve had about 5-10 people, remember i got a small stream, in my chat saying that they dont see the point of remaking the map. ”It was good as it was”
Im not gonna act as if i know IceFrog personally, i’ve had the honor to chat with him a couple of times since early days, but something i do know about him is that he always had the vision to make the map balanced to the extent that no external rules needed to be set. During Dotaleague (way back) some of the external rules that we sat was for example regarding backdooring, max mekansm, and eventually icefrog made sure these rules no longer was needed. When allpick was made in IRC to make it more even – then IceFrog made sure that it was implemented into the game. My thoughts right now is that he no longer wanna hear about how much stronger the Direside might be regarding Roshan. Again, im just guessing here. But i do believe this change is extremely good. The map is aweome, im not sure about ALL the bountyrunes yet, but then again, i trust the frog so lets wait and see what happens.

Dota 7.0 is in my opinion the best version of Dota2 there is. Wait, let me just make sure to tell you unless you dont understand, i hate the disconnects, i hate the fps-drops, but i guess thats to be understood. Its gonna be fine i hope, i have a monstercomputer so i demand that the FPSdrops is solved, and the disconnects is ofcourse not acceptable. But i have faith.
Other then that, Dota 7.0 is awesome. The talent-tree is just what finishes this wonderful version. Making players even more able to have their own style of playing. Are you able to make your hero do more damage in your skirmishes, or maybe you are the kind of player who rather should care about getting more hp, or maybe movementspeed. I just love it.
A friendly advice there is however that your normal skills are still really important,i see people coming into my stream telling me i forgot to skill the talent-tree, but its not a must to skill on every level. In some games the talent-tree is less important, and at some levels ofcourse.

Salute to you IceFrog, and congratulations to the Dota2 community. And about the people who threaten to leave, or who even already left (im guessing its few) Its abit like Darwins Law for me – if you cant adapt to the changes in world – then you are just not strong enough