The will to win

I know i should keep my blogs in Swedish, its where i make myself most understood. But this time i’ll do some English writing. Since this is not about any Swedish team, this is mainly but not only about Ad Finem. What a storyline already.

As you might know i do the casting in Swedish, so i follow all the games. I run them myself or with cocasters, we have a small number of viewers but its my way of paying my bills these days, so i have followed all the games. And its with mixed feelings i do see some of the games being played out so slow. I’m pretty sure its not about the teams only, even if some teams might sit on a worse teamfight lineup, have worse lategame, farm worse and still decide that rather making a play on the map, they better stay back, get midases, hope for some kind of miracle. Noone enjoys these games as much as games with energy in them. For sure. But somewhere along the line, there are teams thinking that its better to take the shot, blindly just hope that the enemys make misstakes then trying to create something themself. Sortof like beeing 0-1 behind in fotball and then put down even one more in the defence. In case someone would make a stupid attack and then hope to be able to score that 1-1 goal just based on other teams misstakes. This might be a question that IceFrog should consider. It might also be a question that the majors should consider – is this format really the best? It might also be somethings for teams to consider.


Here comes the reason, in my opinion at least, why Ad Finem has made them self a huge fan base over just a few days. First of all, they won games, and its their first event (major) and they are awesome guys that express feelings, these things you cant take away from them. But when madara tries to kill enigma before going to his illusion, you can always call him stupid. I mean i know i did. But if he would’ve made that kill it wouldve been brilliant and a totally wasted blackhole. Thats just an example of all the things that Ad Finem do. They are not waiting around in their base when they have a lead – they push it. Even to the extent that sometimes i was worried if they would even win the game because of it. But they kept up the pressure. They jump in on whoever and they go for the fight. I’m not saying that we need to encourage bad or stupid play, but encourage the will of winning.

Finally someone steps up, put it all on the line because they want to win. They want to step out from that cage with heads held high and be proud. They wanna believe they can win yet another game tomorrow. And i have to admit, i sort of do that too. These guys are a perfect mix of really amazing players, and the teamspirit to do whatever it takes to beat their enemy. Its not a team made of players that just are best for the moment, not carrys that necessary want to be the key, or the center of the attention. They are just one awesome unit that are winning together. And they most definitely deserve their fanbase. Im gonna be one of their fans from now, for sure.

And this is something im starting to miss out in Dota2. Who can you say are the same as Virtus Pro in CS:GO or even Ninjas in Pyjamas in CS:GO? Why are Dota2 teams deciding to give up and divide into mixteams, with less spirit, maybe more skills, but most definently less spirit. I think its really a bad thing.

Ad Finem worked their asses off to reach here, just like everyone else. But when they go home, i surely hope they are not solving any problems with removing or adding players. Keep it together guys, bring real teamspirit and real will to win back into Dota2.

Lastly i have to say i miss Alliance in these competitions and i hope they are coming back stronger, they are really a key for my channel. But i would really just like to lift my hat and thank AdFinem from the bottom of my heart for finding the pounding of my dota2spirit heart again. boom boom. Hope you win the whole major.

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