My best streamingtips!

    1. Make everything atleast decent from the beginning.enemys
      Remember that every person that joins your stream and dislikes it, actually is a lost viewer. So you want to have some overlays done, some cool things that happens when people follow and you need interaction with the chat from 1st second. Webcam is really important. If people cant see you they most probably wont be enjoying the stream unless your face is already known.
      When it comes to what kind of settings you should use – people love good looking streams – but the streaming shouldnt be taking away your own playfeeling. So make sure to not make it to hard on your computer.

    2. You have to know what’s special with your stream or urself. Sell on that!

      Streaming is a huge thing, anyone can do it, and there is tons of people with the same dream as you. You need to make sure to have a really good unique sellingpoint. Why would people watch you instead of someone else?
      Are you supertaleneted in a game? That could be one thing, but thats almost never enough. Whats special with you?
      Whats special with your stream? If you are a person whos not that outgoing this might be hard, but use your introvert skills then. Figure out cool things that happens graphicly or whatever. Just stand out.

    3. Dont give up!

      Yeah, you have all the odds against you. Most probably you will not manage to get a sucessful stream. SO WHAT. Dont give up. Make sure to always act asif you have alot of viewers, even if noone is watching you make sure to act the same. This is infact extremely important since if you get 1 or 2 viewers and they dont feel like you even care, they wont stay, and you will never manage to get any viewers.

    4. Make yourself visable

      I guarantee you this. If people dont know that you are streaming they wont watch. The chances of getting people randomly joining you on twitch is extremely low, even if its better better with more viewers, we cant count on that fact. Its kinda like sitting at home waiting for your dreamboy. Wont happen. Work with social media, look how other do. Make sure to build up followers around that at the same time. Join groups, join communitys, do whatever to make people know that you have stream. Giveaways is a helpful tool for this, but it rarely gives you viewers who comes back.

    5. Give the people coming back something to come back to!

      You should definently make sure to happily accept all the new people to the stream, but the people that you are starting to know should also get a really good bonus for the fact that they are coming back to you. Games with viewers who are more likely to be there, greetings with their name, remembering whos there when you need them. You are not only streaming you are building up a relationship to all the viewers. Make sure they feel that.

    6. Spend time – but dont waste time.

      A big misstake you might find yourself doing is streaming tons and tons of time – but maybe not when your viewers wants you to be around. If you spend 16hours per day trying to accomplish something – you might be better off spending half the time with the right energy and around when viewers are more likely to hang around. Also, dont be afraid to keep streaming even if you didnt plan to do it if you feel like the viewership is good enough for that.

    7. Did i say never give up?

I believe there is tons of others tips, but be open minded and check out other successful streamers, see if they do something that you might be able to do aswell, without feeling like a copycat.

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