Attracting viewers – The first click

Attracting viewers – make them do the first click

So the feedback from the first post i did was amazing, and it seems people really needs this kind of information. And i dont mind. I have been thought that beeing cheap with things only makes you look bad, so i will keep on sharing my knowledge and theories. Here is my list of things in howto get a firstclick – the needed first interaction to even have a small shot of landing a possible viewer.

1. Post that you are live, and post it in different places. Find facebookgroups related to that very game you are playing for example, are you doing IRL then find a suited (or a couple of) groups where you could tell them to come check you out. Say you are streaming Quake, post in different Quakegroups, in different streaminggroups, and maybe in a group where you have some friends who like gaming. Be professional, but also remember that everytime you advertise urself might not feel good. Its rough to do it, it feels like you dont deserve it, or that you are a shithead for beeing everywhere spamming. And some people will think that aswell, keep that in mind when it comes to how much you spam, but also keep in mind that without it you are not visable, and you will have no clickers.

2. Make ur post standout. This is really hard, but you can learn alot from for example big gamingorgas. They have really nice posts on their social medias,look at them. Make sure its CLEAR whats happening, but also make sure that you have nice colors or other things that make the post stand out. Again, you wanna look professional but with ur own personal touch to it. If you are beautiful, use ur face. If you are funny, make a funny face. You know what things that makes people curious, otherwise ask people around you. You can also use filmclips, but only if you believe this will make you seem more interesting. The sky is the limit here in one sense, but keep it within who you are, ur character, otherwise people will cringe and thats might be a good enough reason to make people click – but might also not be the reason you want them to come to you for. The more trolly you are, the more trolls you attract aswell. With this said you are not to be blamed for rasism and sexism and other stuff, but you need to know it as a streamer. I posted a film on youtube once (with me nude, im not gonna share it because its borderline safe for work, wanna see it yb drayich keeps his promise) and that attracted alot of new viewers but most of them was trolls.

3. Save VODS from current streams, learn to edit small clips and post them afterwards in different groups. Building viewers is not only something you do when you are live, you can do it between streams aswell. Making funny clips generates viewers, be clear in the clipdescription when you will be live next time. And connect yt to twitch, thats so smart because if people watch ur clips when you are live, they get a notification.

4. Giveaways – yep. Its a thing. Giveaways might sound like a sellout and it is. But it do help, this is also a way of building up ur social medias. Dont just say ”Giveaway sunday 11” but make people interact with ur social medias. Say you have a giveaway on twitter, then pull ur winners from twitter and from the stream. In that way you can generate followers on twitter, and some of these followers might RT something you do after the giveaway and ur all good for new viewers even after the actual giveaway. Just remember that giveaways will give you loads of follows and RTs at the very time, but not as much in the longrun. SOme people spend their days in giveaways but dont give a shit for ur stream. Balance is important!

5. Connect ur streamaccount to twitch, and be sure to be connected on pages where its possible. Like faceit if you play csgo might generate viewers because their site connects twitch to ur game, so when you play it might appear on their pages. Alot of other pages that are not connected to steam also have lists, see if you can be a part of these lists.

6. Spread it everywhere theory. IF you put a post in a quakeforum thats because alot of people are interested in the game right, but posting things everywhere makes the percent games much lower, the odds of people joining, but it might also give you a bigger number of people that you reach.
Make stickers, share with ur closest friends, maybe make a tshirt or a hat, these things costs money, but they might be worth it if you are thinking the longrun. Its also alot of fun.
Ask friends to use ur twitchadress in their names if they play with you – name guns and other things in CSGO/other games ur twitchname. Making sure it gets out there. This strategy can piss people off aswell, so you have to be careful with how you use it. If you always talk about ur stream, or spam, or have stickers all over the toilets down town people might connect you with something bad instead.

7. Be a part of things – if i was a english streamer beeing a part of this moderatorgroup would be amazingly smart, since that could make you guys see me do pinned posts and stand out in that sense. Its still probably good. Its free work but it also makes me visable right? There are number of places that needs people that helps out, forums, groups etc. See if you can be a part of them, write alot, dont spam ur shit when ur looking for work tho, better make people actual interested in what you do and respect you in a different sense. Give feedback and credit.

Last but not least, make sure to work with all social medias at the same time, connect them with eachother, provide different things on every media. Make sure its interesting to follow you there. Getting a longterm viewer make take time, but if you are interesting in different ways that may help. I actually landed a viewer from a diabetesforum the other day, and i never mentioned my stream – but someone mentioned it – then someone else linked it – and then this person came to my stream and actually subscribed aswell, because i was helpful in the diabetesforum. So how you look everywhere is interesting if you wanna build up viewers, and i believe that example was a perfect one to understand that.

Also, this works the same way around. Meaning if you complain alot somewhere, act out, beeing borderline or fully rasist/sexist/dumb you might loose viewers on that aswell.

Good luck!

About the author: Kim Larsson