How did you do it?

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How did you do it?


Okey, earlier I told my story about why I lost weight! It was all about my health! When I first got diagnosed with diabetes I refused to take my insulin injections! The thing is now that I have sorted it! Most people are curious about how I done it! So therefor I am now going to give you a presentation on how I worked it out.

If you decide to loose weight don´t do it because you want to look fit or because you want someone else to think you look fit! People wont like you more as a person  or love you more when you are slim! Please, loose weight for your own sake and health! Being beautiful doesn´t change a thing!

My ”fastening glucose” has gone down nearly from 10 to having one on 5! I have halved my ”longtimeglucose”! To achive that result I havn´t been on medication or been exercising under my first 20 kilo of the 30 kilo I totally lost so far! On the same time I have gained some muscles! I wouldn´t say I hade gained a lot of them but some!

At the moment I´m on a daily dose of ”Victoca” as my Dr want me to loose even more weight then I have already done! For me it is an experiment! The medication has helped to loose 5 kilos more and 5 kilos more on top of that with some exercise!

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First of all I would like to say I am not a big fan diskussing training and dieting or going on about how you should look like! I have always loved myself! At least since I have been an adult! The reason I have written this is because  a lot of people have been wondering about how I managed to lower my bloodglucose with my own help and how I managed to loose weight unconsciously of my doing!

It´s not like I recomend this for you. It´s more like that I want you to feel great! Thats all!

How it all started

At first I did not have a clue that i was high in my bloodglucose! My Dr didnt have any suspicions about it either! In my family we have a hereditary disease called ”Arnold charia” wich is a head illness you get from birth! When I went to my GP with achy legs and arms they automatically investigated for ”Arnold charia”. After quite a long time by chance they relized that I actually had high bloodglucose! I got a new appoitment and it was still high as hell! My ”longtime glucose” was over 12 and in medical terms that is diabetes! After that everyting got chaotic! The Dr:s phoned and where worried about my health and they got me my own diabetes nurse! Who merely was there to help me with my new diagnose. I got medecins to take aswell. My Doctors have been really good to me but this shit really made me think!

How did it really start?

I had finished my regularly job and done everything to make my buisness work! Sometimes I hade to work for ”free” or ”pro bono” to ”advertise myself” with doing proper jobs where you actually earn some cash! I mean a man has to pay his bills! We had been on events all over the world and I am very proud of that! Esport has given alot of events in Stockholm so sleeping at a hotell became a everyday life and with that a lot of fucking stress in a bad way really! Everything became to mutch! To work long hours and also having a family who needs you is not recomended! In combination with that and eating a lot of crappy ”munchies” and drinks late nights at the hotell instead of proper dinners certainly was my own bad doing so I can not blaim anyone else! This diet was my comfort! I felt lonely at night just laying there by myself while the time went past as normal for other people! Well, the stress combined with bad food became to mutch for my body! Suddenly I weighed 140 kilos and I suppose it was then it all started!

Lets get the medicin started

It took two days from that the Dr phoned and told me that I have to see my diabetesnurse. I thougt is that it? Do I have to take medicin from now on? Sod that! Is there nothing I can do about it? My brain went mad with all the thoughts but at the end of it I had made my mind up. It was my way or nothing! At least I have to try to make a change on my own and if it does not work I will do as the NHS says! Take my medication and shots and shut the fuck up! When I got to my appoitment with my diabetesnurse she probebly thought that I was a stubborn bloke who did not have one idé about the medical problems I actually had! I do not judge her for it thought because she was partly right but I needed my belifes! I suddenly relized I wanted a ”glucose tester” and to learn myself what I need to eat and what I can´t eat!

The most importent thing for me was also knowing how it felt when I did not look after my body! So my experiments started! Funny enough I sort of knew already what wasnt good for me. I never really felt good eating bread or pasta! It was like a never got full up on it. I could eat loads of it! With rice it is the same so it was easy to take that away from my diet! I do not like potatoes so that went aswell. Most food with carbs I took away. Under that time I tested myself at least 400 times just to see how I would react! It did not take long to actually keep track on reading the contents on food. Mind you the first two weeks I was irretated like hell! Really pissed off sometimes and my head was spinning around and nothing seemed to work but luckely it got better…

As the time went by..

Well, after that everything just floated and my weight started to dissaper and my Dr was happy! It wasnt that strange really as I had gone around with that massive extra weight. As I have diabetes I got offered to have a ”gastric by pass” but I said no! For me I had to find my own way that works for me so I would feel stable. In the beginning I decided not to exercise at all. I suppose it was because I more needed a kind of diet who did not require exercise. When my kid Lave turned four years old I done my first experiment eating sugary stuff and other crappy shit! Very exciting…. I ate myself up to 9 in glucose and after that went out for a 2.5 km job wich was enough for me! After that it actually looked like I hade burned off all the extra glucose.

After that everything became important how it all would work in practice! Its like if I dont eat enough when I am out in town what the fuck would I do then? Two hot dogs with a bit of tomatoesauce and mustard goes down well! Of course I will only drink lightdrinks ore water. I have not even drunk fizzy sugary drink since my diagnose. I just would be to stupid! I you want to higher your glucose then just drink stuff with a lot of sugar! I have changed my food and added my own ”touch”. Like cheese for example. If you want to make food a bit more ”meaty” put some cheese in it. One of my favorite food is Marits pastasauce. I can still eat that but instead of pasta I eat for an example broccoli with butter on. It maybe doesnt sound like fun but you will get used to it and like it!

Dishes with egg in are easy to make but after a while it gets a bit boring so I try to change over to other things like makrill and sausages with high procent meat in them. Make sure to have stuff like that at home to make everyday life easy!

Lets talk about the ”sarnies”! Yeah, sandwiches are lovely. I love them. Nowadays you can find crispy bread wich are made without flour. They have instead nuts and seeds as a base in them. With good things on top you can almost ”scoff” as mutch as you like! And then there is a nice soft bread aswell but in them there is flour but not as mutch as the usual bread. So as you can see you can eat and enjoy your ”sarnie” still!

What is the goal?

I understand that question and every time I am anoying to people when I answer that. For me it is important as I am a Father of three. My vision of me being a fat fucking lovely ”dalecarlia” bastard who is happy and beautiful I wanted to give to my children but I can´t. I am loosing my weight even if I really don´t want to but I have to let it go! It has hurt! Because I always wanted to be that other man and that they would look up to that. I have never wanted them to think that the world gets better just because you are slim! Because the world is not like that. A lot of overweight people are in good health and feel good about themself. My goal is to be healthy, happy and to survive. Therefor now I have added on some weighttraining in my life because it is good for my body. If you lot just new how mutch my personality has been being a big ”barbapappa” and how hard it was to loose the weight. I do not think people understand that! I have gained my goal but now slowly have addad a bit of carb in my diet so it will be more balanced. I feel all good about it but I have to keep it stable to be healthy.

I have lost 25 kg and changed my ”longtime glucose” from being diabetes type 2 to being ”cured”. The most important thing for me is the glucose and I hope that people will still love me even if I am slimmer now! I do hope so at least!

If anyone of you want to ask me about anyting! Do so! Peace and out!//

This is all my version on everything I have done with my body and it will maybe not suit yours. It could even be dangerous and it is your responsibility to do whats best for your body.

I am not telling you that all people are abusing sugar but a lot of overweight people including me is! This sick relation to sugar you must take away so first of all you have to fucking get rid of the addiction! There is a reason that when you give a baby a ”vaccination shot” at the GP they give them glucos as a comfort! It will take a couple of weeks at least and it sucks big time! Under that time you can not eat cereals, milk, sweets, fruit, bread, pasta, rice etc. There is other products wich have sugar in them hidden like Swedish kaviar and a lot of ”healthy bread” with ”healthy names” to lure us in to think they are good for you! To do all this you have to stop eating carbs. You should not eat more than 10 % carb. The rest should be fat and protein. You must understand that carb can only stand for 10 % of the meal. Read the contents on the food you buy where it says how much of 100 gram food is carbs, fat and protein. It is up to you to keep track on all this!

I will give you an example:

Milk is 3,5 gram carbs, 3 gram fat and 3 gram protein per 100 gram. For an untrainde eye it seems perfect with 3,5 gram carb but you have to put all three of them together. Then you will get 9.5 grams in it? After that you have part the carbs like this, 3.5 part with 9 wich would be 38%. Milk is nearly 40 % av the carbenergy. Do not go there! Nuts maybe is of 40 gram fat, 20 gram carbs and 20gram protein. Then the carbs is 25% of the energy. That means nuts is at a high level but that it is alright as a ”munch” on Friday eve! Take away all the pretend fat and do not worry about if you eat saturated fat or not. Just focus on eating naturally fat. Marg is poison! Eat proper butter! Never eat lightproducts! You need fat in the food so you will get full up. You are suppose to be full up! Also it isn´t a punishment to go down in weight. Loosing weight should not make you feel bad mentally. If it does you will never achive the goal of loosing weight you will get back to sqaure one!

Most recipies you will find under ”LCHF” on internet or in books. Be careful though because some of the recipies they will put in sweet things so even if you will loose your weight you are still eating sugar!


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